• Long Hair Detangler Detangling hair care serum for long hair.

    La Biosthetique

  • $44.95 CAD

  • Description

    Detangler magically untangles long hair. The feathery light care serum is simply sprayed into the hair, which turns painful tearing after washing into a thing of the past.

    Glucose polyphenol extracted from sugar cane and oak apple and rapeseed oil glycerides supply all areas of the hair with precisely the nutrients and care that it needs. Structural differences of lengths and tips are balanced out, rough surfaces are sealed, the hair is smoothed along its entire length.

    Combability is proven to improve by 80% in wet hair and 30% in dry hair*.

    Erythritol is richly moisturising, which minimises hair breakage while combing.

    Wheat bran extract neutralises pollutants and protects against damaging environmental influences.

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