• Intensive Activating Lotion (formerly Ergines Active for optimal Hair Growth)

    La Biosthetique

  • $85.00 CAD

  • Description

    La Biosthetique Intensive Activating Lotion the revolutionary energy treatment for the scalp, specially formulated to stimulate the cell activity of the hair roots and accelerate the growth of long hair.  The important trace elements contained within the product promote the formation of stable, strong hair. 

    La Biosthetique Intensive Activating Lotion significantly increases the cell activity of the hair root, think of this product as the equivalent biological energy drink for your hair.  The increased cell productivity results in more hair forming cells and makes hair grow faster.  Excitingly so this product strengthens the growth and stability of newly formed hair, meaning your dream of long healthy hair can now be a reality.

    La Biosthetique Intensive Activating Lotion has specially formulated active ingredients such as keratin building blocks arginine, lysine and asparaginic.  La Biosthetique Intensive Activating Lotion also contains an innovative energy mix of glycogen and creatine and important trace elements from coral.

    How To Apply

    • Gently wash hair preferably with a shampoo and conditioner from the La Biosthetique Cheveux Long range
    • Apply two pumps of the product along the parting and lightly massage in.
    • Do not rinse

    *the more you use La Biosthetique Intensive Activating Lotion the better enhanced the result.

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