• Curl Activating Repair Mask

    La Biosthetique

  • $41.00 CAD

  • Description

    As wild as they sometimes are, in reality curls react very sensitively. Due to the wave structure, the scales of the cuticle in curly hair stand up more easily, which can lead to the hair becoming porous and more susceptible to damage. With customised care, the creamy Curl Activating Repair Mask regenerates the structure of damaged curls from within, and protects the hair from without. Provitamin B5 transports intensive moisture inside the hair, provides flexible elasticity and silky shine. Wheat protein deeply repairs and restructures the hair, and combats hair breakage. Orange peel wax and UV filters protect the hair from premature aging, and prevent structural damage due to external environmental influences. The deeply nourished hair features seductively lively bounce and expressive dream curls.

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