• Frizz Control Smoothing Styling Fluid

    La Biosthetique

  • $39.00 CAD

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  • Description

    Whoever is afraid of both dry room air and mist, and worries about their styling with every change in humidity probably struggles with frizziness. After all, it’s quite frustrating when your carefully styled hair simply refuses to hold its shape, and suddenly develops uncontrolled frizziness or becomes static. Say goodbye to such scenarios with Smoothing Styling Fluid. The light fluid coats every single hair without weighing it down, binds valuable moisture in the hair, and rapidly and reliably balances out the hair structure. Cationic guar makes the hair feel soft, and a natural sugar polymer results in smoothness and elastic hold. Uncontrolled flyaway hair and frizziness are actively prevented, the hair is easy to style, remains in shape without losing its flexibility, and gains fascinating shine.

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